How aware are the vulnerable groups in Africa about aids?

mtv-shugaDespite the high rates of HIV and AIDS prevalence in most African nations, people are aware of the disease. Research indicates that there is a widespread misunderstanding in the region on how the disease is spread, the consequence of the infection and the ways of protecting against the pandemic. The youth and women are the most vulnerable and unaware group about the disease. Most women are articulated to be dependent on men financially and are likely to be an undereducated group. Cultural norms such as taboos associated with sexuality reduce awareness among the vulnerable groups. Moreover, an African woman is expected to be submissive, thus, hindering her knowledge of AIDS. Research indicates that currently there are rigorous campaigns to create information intervention and impart knowledge to the rural population in Africa.

What are the best safe sex promotions and best outlets to get tested?

Worried about getting sexual infections from your partner? Worry not because one can have safe sex, which aims at protection one and their sex partners from being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. One of the ways of ensuring safe sex is the use of barriers such as condoms and dental dams. Another way is being faithful to one another by having only one sexual partner. Frequent testing for STD’s and HIV is one of the ways of ensuring safe sex. Even without any symptoms of the disease, one would be infected, and early detection of disease ensure that infections are not passed on to the sexual partners. Confidential outlets for testing are STD clinics, which provide non-nominal free confidential testing for patients. Another outlet is family doctors where the testing conducted is but not anonymous.

The question of sexual identification remains an issue in Africa!

Young individuals in Africa are at the risk of getting infected with AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Thus, the need to promote sex education with attention on both the positive aspect of sex and the risk of getting infections. Education should focus on the various prevention and how to live a positive life if one gets infected with AIDS. Moreover, training should emphasize the need to seek treatment for treatable sexual diseases. Africans should shun from rigid gender categories, which allow a man to take the lead as a way of empowering women to have control over their sexuality. Moreover, same-sex relationships, which are seen as a taboo in Africa should be taught to avoid marginalization of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in society. Please meet our partner and sponsor,, who is a big fan of African movies and they help in our daily work by providing funds to cover our online publishing endeavours. At you can find the best African-themed online slots and free games. And for all lover of African games this site is a fantastic place to get online fun.

Who are the favorite characters in the Cast of MTV's Shuga?

African television programs such as Shuga, which aired on MTV have played a key role in sexual education, empowering of the women as it touches on key issues such as maternal and child health. The program has been articulated to have package its message to reach to the youths on issues of HIV and STD’s as well as teen pregnancy. Notable actors such as Emmanuel Ifeanyi, David Omwange and Nick Mutuma who directed the show played a significant role in promoting awareness of sexually transmitted infections.

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