Education is what can raise a village

We’re ensuring your right to stay up to date with insightful information on different topics such as feminism, LGBT rights, music, art and interesting stories all over the world. This is courtesy of our experienced team on African issues. The team comprises the head writer who is a student and passionate about writing interesting stories. We have a hip-hop music promoter to keep you up to date with the entertainment information as well. Our contributing writer and special events reporter will ensure you know everything on the go.

Zabron Ubume/head writer

From a young age, I have been shaped by my parents to use my abilities to change the world. Growing up, I never thought writing would become a big part of my life. As the head writer, I oversee a pool of writers to bring the best content to our readers across the globe. This is not an easy task but Maya Angelou’s quote, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style ” keeps me motivated in life.

Less Porter/website editor

Life is full of challenges and possibilities for individuals looking to thrive in a world of opportunities. It does not matter where you are in life; there is a lot the world has to offer. My work as an editor involves working together with people to refine the final writing so that readers are happy with the work. It requires sharp skills and understanding the limits. One constant reminder in this job is always to understand the audience. Just like music, it is essential to understand the audience who relate to the art.

Cowboy Gaga/contributing writer

My aim as a contributing writer is to change the perception of people regarding LGBT in different parts of the world. I come from a community where gay is considered un-African, but my head will only rest until the gay people are treated equally. My firm belief is rooted in democracy which has opened up many nations, and so we should embrace diversity.

Jolene Washington/special events report

Every time the word feminism comes up; I ask myself whether people understand the implication of this statement, ‘Who is a feminist?’. Despite the progress in the world, women of the 21st-century struggle with poverty, domestic violence and unequal opportunities. My job entails working with the team to ensure everyone is aware of the big difference it would make to give women more opportunities.

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